We are shaking up our communities in order to harvest the ripest ideas, insights and stories that will help us to co-create the future of our hearts longing.

People with Experience

We believe that “Nothing about us, without us, is for us!”, So our Community Shakeup’s involve people with direct experience of the topic being considered. People are the experts in their own lives.

People with Passion

We believe there are a lot of people who want to do something positive to change our communities.  They bring passion, resources and money to help make change possible.

24 Hours of Attention to the Topic

We believe in being completely immersed in a topic.  Its fun, its meant to be a bit of a challenge.  It’s about sharing an experience together.  It breaks down barriers.

Funding for Ideas

We believe in giving the people who attend the ability to decide how our community treasure chest is spent. That’s direct democracy in action.

Community Meals

We believe everything is enhanced when we are well fed.  It provides a relaxed introduction and we like to swap seats so we can meet a few different people over lunch, dinner and breakfast. Oh and CAKE!

Good Facilitation

We believe that every conversation can be given a framework that encourages appreciation and compassion.  We seek out the best facilitation techniques to help create meaningful dialogue.

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